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Recent Bridal Hair & Makeup | Some of our Faves:

2016 was such an amazing year for us at Big Island Hair. We have been so blessed to have had such incredibly unique/special and lovely brides this past year. The way her face lights up with joy while she’s telling her version of their love story… It’s raw. Its real. And I get to be part of it. Its truly humbling and I will never ever allow myself to ever take it for granted. “Is it always joyful?” “Do you ever get a bridezilla?”,  I get asked often. The answer in short is “No”… I’ve stereotyped the Hawaii Bride. And Bridezilla she is NOT! (Maybe that can be a separate blog post one day.) We are in paradise, but as we all know, no such place exists on Earth (but Hawaii sure comes close). So every individual has her own personality & idiosycransies (as well as her own beauty that I get to learn, see, and enhance!). There’s plans that’s fallen through, there’s nerves that’s kicking in last minute; crazy people that you invited as guest(s); emotions that no one told you you’d experience during the minutes leading up to marrying the person you’re committing to spending the rest of your life with. You know… Its not just a normal day. But for me, as The Bride’s hair/makeup artist, the time we spend together is important… I’m the person she’s [more than likely] never met: I arrive; roll my bags in with all these tools and things, going straight to work: spraying, teasing, fluffing, coiffing.. It’s important that I maintain a pleasant energy if you will: A light air about myself, whilst conveying my genuine excitement just to get to be there. It’s a delicate balance. But how lucky am I that I get to do what I do? I know. Trust me. And I’ll forever be grateful for each and every one of you who’ve put your trust in me and my team to come in and do our thing on you and your gals. Anyway, enjoy the below photos of some of the hairstyles & makeups I’ve had the honor to do recently.                             Aloha Nui Loa              ~R

Alaskan Couple gets Married on The Big Isle | Bride Katie & Groom Kole in Hawi, Hawaii (Puakea Ranch)


Kauai Couple came to The Big Island to have a low-key rustic wedding at Kahua Ranch


Chicago Newlyweds posing for the talented Karen Loudon as she captures them post-nuptial at the breathtaking Puakea Ranch.


New Mexico -> Four Seasons Hualalai. Love knows no bounds!


Melinda & Alex; Mother & Daughter- Beautiful inside AND out!


Australian Couple Dani & Tone’s Wedding was featured in Ruffled Blog! It really was incredibly beautiful! (Kona Beach Bungalows)


My stunning model, Michelle, captured by James Rubio.


This couple finally DID IT after 15+ years of dating! I loved getting to glam up Brenda. She is such a genuine person and it was so fun to enhance her natural beauty on her wedding day! (King Kamehameha Beach Hotel)


I wish I had a better photo of this bridal goddess! She was radiating this day and was so excited to marry her best friend. (He is the one who set up her hair and makeup with me! So adorable!) (Marriott Waikoloa Beach Hotel)


Post Bridal Hair Trial. Love how the blonde shows everything that’s done to the hair.


Lovely half up-do on Vaughan, a natural beauty. (Hale Wailele) (Jots Of Thoughts)


Maid Of Honor & Bride showing off their hairstyles. (Isle Love) (The Falls @ Reeds Island)

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Youngblood Cosmetics

Hello, beauties. I want to share my new favorite product of the moment with you. As if I can pick just one! Well I can.. So enough of my prefacing. Let’s just get right down to the superstar.

Youngblood- Loose Mineral Rice Powder (in Medium)

Let’s start with the packaging. Sleek and black. Sexy. Clean. The product comes in either a loose powder or a pressed powder. The pressed powder compact is perfect for touch-ups on the go (be gentle, though- as the powder tends to be pretty soft). As a makeup artist, I prefer the loose mineral rice powder. Mostly because I like the control that it gives me [depending on the brush I use and what I’m using it for]..

I have been on this healthy kick lately. I’m trying my best to eat clean, and just overall live a healthier lifestyle. Prior to this, my skin was really breaking out, but I can tell an enormous improvement by using only “clean” makeup on myself. (“Clean makeup?”- Keep reading..)

I like story of YB’s founder, Paulene Youngblood, and how this makeup line came to be. If you want to read more, you can here.   In a nutshell: Pauline practiced as a medical aesthetician. Every day she was seeing patients that had different issues (rosacea, acne, scars, etc..) and, like myself, they were fighting a losing battle by trying to cover up the problematic areas with makeup that made their problem worse because the skin couldn’t breathe &/ heal. Paulene took her passion for healthy, natural-looking skin, and developed makeup thats “clean”, and actually looks good (rather than glittery/shiny,  unnatural pink/orangish tones that scream “I have on FOUNDATION!”).

Youngblood cosmetics has blown me away since I first started using their products. Youngblood Pro makeup artist Philip Luque (Hey, Philip!) came out to The Big Island a few months ago to educate our team on this makeup line, and by learning more about Youngblood Makeup, I fell even more in love with the products. Turns out, not only are they awesome on the surface (packaging), they are much deeper than that (ingredients). The products are made from super earthy things like green tea, cucumber, cactus, etc. There are no synthetic or irritating ingredients, such as alcohol, artificial fragrance, mineral oil, talc, or petroleum.  (& they don’t test on our furry friends!)

Tomorrow will be Day #5 of “no makeup”. On top of my moisturizer goes the silky build-able rice powder and it covers my redness all day! Aside from that, I fill in my brows with a little powder and put mascara on. That’s IT! The greatest news of all is that my skin is healing. My husband told me yesterday that there’s something about me that’s looking radiant and that I get prettier each day. Isn’t that so sweet?!? Thanks Youngblood!!! I heart your products so much!




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My new favorite website (Besides

Ok, Ladies… I’ve found my favorite website of the week and – of course – I must share this with y’all. So as you may know, I live on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Granted, Honolulu and Los Angeles are just a flight away.. But my point is that the shopping here is virtually non-existent.  So, I do most of my makeup shopping online.  Which is risky for a number of reasons, #1 being I can’t swatch it or try it on.

We do have a Macy’s here, with a MAC counter inside. I love MAC’s Studio Sculpt; I know I’m the shade NW25. So, I found this website: Match My Makeup. You can tell it what brand and shade you wear (even your drugstore brand is probably listed)- and it will tell you what your shade is among many lines- or you can choose a select one or twenty.

Well there you go, beauties! I am off to spend my sephora gift card now! (Thanks Sheena + Justin)

Love Always,


Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 5.45.13 PM


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Have you ever checked the website Thumbtack? Well if you haven’t, you should! Thumbtack helps you accomplish the personal projects that are central to your life. Whether you need to paint your home, learn a new language, or plan your daughter’s birthday party, Thumbtack is the easiest and most dependable way to hire the right professional for your projects.

We have just updated our profile on there.  Check us out! Bridal Stylist

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State Laws and Sanitation Practices

Hello, gorgeous! I can’t believe it’s September already!!!

As some of you may know from my prior posts, I wasn’t fortunate enough to grow up in this beautiful state of Hawaii. I grew up in Southwestern Virginia, and I moved to the big city of Knoxville to attend Tennessee School of Beauty to get my degree in cosmetology. We had to attend school for five days a week, for nearly a year following a strict curriculum with a dress code of white shoes, scrubs, and full hair + makeup every day. After we graduated from school, in order to get licensed, we had to take a state board test.  It was a HUGE day.  We had to arrive at the state testing site at 8am in uniform and not only take a written test, but also do a [grueling] practical on our mannequin heads. Below is just a general idea of the subjects studied in accredited beauty schools across America:

Science: Infection Control, Chemistry, Electricity/Light Therapy, Anatomy, Physiology, Trichology
Hair Technique: Hairstyling, Hair Cutting & Shaping, Hair Coloring, Chemical Texture Services, Scalp Treatments, Hair Treatments
Other: Skin Care Treatments, Cosmetics Application, Nail Technology Services
Professional Development: Ethics, Communication, Payment/Compensation, Licensing Requirements, Licensing Laws, Business Management, & Client Record-Keeping.

The reason I’m telling you all of this information is to inform others of what I only learned this week about licensing laws. Most state laws require that a makeup artist, for example, be licensed. In the state of Hawaii, they do not. So anyone who can make a website and invest in a makeup kit can self-declare themselves “makeup-artists”.  To me, this is very scary because without the proper education and knowledge, one can’t safely apply makeup without cross-contaminating therefore putting the client at risk.  Also, some states’ boards take the health and sanitation of their operators so seriously, they randomly pop into beauty shops & nail salons at least once annually.  Unfortunately, some states do not ever walk into an establishment.. Ever! Unless there is a complaint… (That gave me chill bumps.) Some examples of the diseases that can be transferred in a beauty salon would be Herpes, Staphylococus (rash, lesions), Streptococcus (meningitis, strep, flesh-eating bacterial infection), E.Coli, Salmonella, Dysentery, Funguses, etc etc etc…


So CONSUMER BEWARE.  You should never EVER be ashamed to ask questions to anyone  booking services from.  Communication is KEY.  If you’re booking someone you’ve never booked or met before, I’d suggest asking something along the lines of:

*“Are you licensed? (if they sound insulted or hesitant when they answer- just hang up there.  A true professional will be happy to answer these questions and glad that you’re smart enough to ask them!)

*”Did you receive your license from attending an accredited beauty school, or from an apprenticeship? What is your official title?” 

*”How do you personally practice sanitation?”


I love this blog post that Ashlie Lauren made called “Top 3 ways to tell .. is YOUR makeup artist sanitary?”.  This is a really great blog post for further reading on this topic.


Be smart when choosing your beauty operators! 



All The Best,

Rachel Kordell
Big Island Hair